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What Goods fall in Trademark Class 2

✓ Paints, varnishes, lacquers;
✓ preservatives against rust and against deterioration of wood;
✓ colorants;
✓ mordants;
✓ raw natural resins;
✓ metals in foil and powder form for painters, decorators, printers and artists.

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Explanatory Note for Trademark Class 2

Class 2 includes mainly paints, colorants and preparations used for the protection against
This Class includes, in particular:
– paints, varnishes and lacquers for industry, handicrafts and arts;
– dyestuffs for clothing;
– colorants for foodstuffs and beverages.
This Class does not include, in particular:
– unprocessed artificial resins;
– laundry blueing;
– cosmetic dyes;
– paint boxes (articles for use in school);
– insulating paints and varnishes.

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