Apply Here For FCRA Registration


Everything @ 30000/- Flat*

✔ FCRA Registration can be applied by all NGOs who have completed 3 years

✔ FCRA Prior Permission application can be applied by NGO even before 3 years completion

✔ FCRA Registration takes 6 months to 1 year and even more time if required

✔ Includes Government & Professional Fees


* Price is valid for Whole India.


Everything @ 30000/- Flat*

✔ FCRA Registration can be applied by all NGOs who have completed 3 years

✔ FCRA Prior Permission application can be applied by NGO even before 3 years completion

✔ FCRA Registration takes 6 months to 1 year and even more time if required

✔ Includes Government & Professional Fees


* Price is valid for Whole India.

Apply Here For FCRA Registration

FCRA Registration

Are you looking for FCRA Registration? But before that you need to know about Foreign Contribution Regulation Act 1976, in this article you will find everything you are looking for!

What is Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA)?

It is a law government of India which regulates receipt of foreign contributions or aid from outside India and this is important to make sure that such aid does not affect political situation in India and for authentic donation, the provision of law is not very hard to comply; the usual compliance is limited to filing of annual return each and every year and this law is imposed by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India and in the ministry there is a different section to make sure compliance to the Foreign Funding Registration.

An NGO is applicable to get subsidizes from abroad assuming that it has an international funding registration, declaration, organizations looking for foreign contributions for exact economic, cultural, social, educational or religious programmes can attain FCRA registration or receive foreign contribution through “prior permission” route and it is preferable for an FCRA applicant to be a Section 8 Company or Trust or a Society. NGO must have been in active for at least three years while making the FCRA application and must not have received any foreign contribution prior to that without the Government’s approval.

In addition, the organization seeking registration should have spent at least Rs.10,00,000 lakhs over the past three years on its objects, excluding administrative expenditure. Statements of Expenditure & Income, duly audited by Chartered Accountant, for past three years are to be submitted to validate that it meets the financial parameter. If a company is recently registered then it would like to receive foreign contributions, then approval for a specific activity, specific purpose and from a specific source can be made to the Ministry of Home Affairs through the Prior Permission (PP) process.

Documents Required For FCRA Registration:-

Under the Section 6 of FCRA, it is given that any organization having a categorical social/ religious/ instructive/ financial article just admits outside commitment in the wake of getting international funds registration. Here are necessary documents for registration under FCRA.

  • Copy of registration official document of society
  • Copies of the audited statements of accounts for the past three years.
  • Copies of the annual report of past three years.
  • Bank Details such as Name, Account Number and Address.
  • Owner’s Name
  • Father’s Name
  • Occupation
  • Designation
  • Address
  • Name of the chief functionary and mobile Number
  • Telephone Number of the office
  • Copy of PAN Card of the Trust / Society 

Different types of FCRA Registration:-

Here are two types of Foreign Contribution Regulation Act certificates;

  • Prior permission certificate which is possible after a year
  • Permanent certificate for 5 years

*For Prior Permission (PP), these criteria’s shall be fulfilled:-

  • PP certificate is given to those NGOs who have completed at least one year in running.
  • Non government organization has to provide the list of foreign donors along with their designations, addresses and cause for which they are donating.
  • Public welfare organization has to identify the total amount of money which is being received as a foreign donation.

*After 5 years, Foreign Contribution Regulation Act certificate should be renewed and this rule will be implemented from the year 2015.

Time taken for Foreign Contribution Regulation Act Registration:-

Usually it takes around four for the registration process but it may vary if the NGO has several branches and the reason is that after online filing of Foreign Funding Registration, within 1 month, the officers of Intelligence Bureau, Department of Ministry of Home Affairs visits the office of the organization to confirm whether it is correctly working or not. In addition, several branches of the government officers will confirm all the offices and finally send report to the Department and it could lead to delaying the FCRA registration.

The NGO’s whether Societies or Trusts should protect their audited account sheets, annual activities reports, minute’s books, photographs, slips, bills, and vouchers for proof of their social activities. Which helps during the inquiry by the IB officers during registration or by the government officers during any government funding or corporate officers applicable for corporate social responsibility funding? So for registration to get international funds there are following steps involved:-

  • Online filing at the portal of Ministry of Home Affairs
  • Report sent by the IB Team after a month
  • Hard Copy Submission in the Ministry of Home Affairs

Benefits of Foreign Contribution Regulation Act:-

The NGO may approach various foreign funding agencies after FCRA registration and some of them are -

  • British High Commission
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Ford Foundation
  • Infinity Foundation
  • BORDA( Germany )
  • Canadian High Commission
  • New Zealand High Commission
  • Findhorn Foundation
  • GIFRID( Israel )
  • European Commission(EC)
  • Japanese Embassy

One thing is very obvious that the foreign funding agencies only contribute to those NGO’s working in specific area or for particular cause like empowerment, education, women, health etc. The social welfare organizations who work in an actual way get awarded for their exemplary work and achievement. The aim of a NGO must not be to misuse the fund but to work for the social upliftment of the poor and the needy and give the world a boost.

Cancellation of FCRA Registration:-

There are many reasons where a NGO’s foreign funding registration may be cancelled on circumstances like –

  1. The fund given by the foreign donor is not utilized appropriately and used for own personal interest.
  2. The NGO fails to file annual compliance for three consecutive years
  3. Any associate of the organization files a complaint that the NGO is not working properly and if it is proved.

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