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Copyright Registration

Want to know about Copyright Registration? In this article I will talk about copyright registration, copyright is not mandatory but if you register your brand logo, name etc then no one can take your copyright until and unless you are ready to forward your copyright.

What is Copyright Registration?

It confers upon its owner sole rights to copy the work or grant consent to another to do so, it applies to literary (scripts, books, software) and audio-visual (photographs, movies, music) works. Big business entities often copyright instruction manuals, product literature, user guides and copyright is generally owned by the author of the work, but can also be owned by the company of its creator who has commissioned the work (except there is an agreement to the contrary in either case) copyrights are also transferrable.

Documents Required for Copyright Registration

  1. Artistic:-
  • 2 Copies of service (whatever he done the creativity)
  • IPO/DD of the figure according to the work and quantity per work
  • NOC is necessary from the artistic if applicant is different from Artistic.
  • NOC from publisher if publisher is different character
  • NOC from person whose photo appears on the work.
  1. Cinematograph Film:-
  • 2 Copies of service
  • IPO/DD of Rupees as per work
  • NOC from various copyright holders.
  • NOC from publisher if publisher is different character.
  1. Music:-
  • 2 Copies of service (Graphical Notes)
  • IPO/DD of Rupees as per work
  • NOC from publisher if publisher is a different character.
  • NOC from writer if applicant is other than writer.
  1. Software:-
  • 2 Copies of service
  • IPO/DD of Rupees as per work
  • NOC from creator if creator is different from candidate.
  • NOC from publisher if publisher is a different character.
  1. Sound Recording: -Document required for copyright registration are as follow
  • 2 Copies of employment
  • IPO/DD of Rupees as per work
  • NOC from various copyright holders.
  • NOC from publisher if work published and publisher is different from candidate.

*Application should be signed by the candidate only who is applying for copyright.

Copyright Registration Process


Our experts will ask for basic details based on the work you want to copyright and you will also need to send us 3 copies of your unique content on a CD and a signed authorization letter (we will mail this to you). Our experts will organize the application and will be the necessary forms with the Registrar of Copyrights online at the office in Delhi.


Once the copyright application is successful, you will obtain a diary registration number will take 12 months. During this time, we can be asked for some clarifications on the same. Our experts will inform you of the changes in the status of your application throughout, in case of an objection to your request, from interested parties or the examiner, you would have to file a response within 45 days.

Advantages of Copyright Registration

Legal Protection

Creators of original works always enjoy official protection when their work is reproduced without permission and it is much easier to protect this original work against violation.

Market Presence

By registering a copyright, a public evidence of your work is created and a proof of ownership is established for your creative work. It may also be used in marketing and for building goodwill in the mind of the customer.

Rights of the Owner

The owner of a copyright has the rights over adaptation, reproduction, dissemination and translation of the work, there could be small variations in the composition of the privileges depending on the work.

6 Essential Facts on Copyright

Why worry to register copyright?

Copyright recognizes the special rights of the creator over an original work. Music, books, software, films, fashion designs and training manuals all enjoy copyright protection, even without registration. Basically, the instant you make an original work, you are its exclusive owner and in the commercial world, the reason why artists, publishers and corporate still worry to register the patent on their work is that it’s the only way to approach the courts in case of a dispute.

What is the purpose of the copyright registrar?

The copyright registrar mainly serves as an place of work of record, a place where assert to copyright are registered and documents related to copyright are recorded and The office furnishes in order to the provisions of the copyright law and the procedures for making registration, to explain the practices and operations of the patent office, and to report on facts found in its public records.

What copyright protection do I get?

It arises automatically the moment the author fixes the work in a solid form without the authors have to do anything and registering your work with the registrar of the copyright office is basically a copyright protection policy. It creates a public record of the work and you can then prosecute anyone for copyright violation and if you can just postpone registration until someone actually does steal your work.

How would other party prove rights to my work?

By showing they had a pre-existing copyright claim to the work, proving that you allowed its use, that you didn’t actually make the work or that you stole the copyright from them.

Can I copyright a film or sound recording?

In case you want to copyright a film, video or an audio recording track, it is suggested that you get a NoC from all the people concerned in its making. This will defend you from any objections from them at a later date and also this has become very important now after the latest Supreme Court guidelines on sound recording and cinematography copyright registration.

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