• GST Registration

  • Trademark Registration

  • FSSAI Food License

  • StartupIndia Registration

  • Copyright Registration

  • Patent Application

  • ISO Registration

  • FCRA Registration

  • Income Tax Exemption 12A & 80G

  • DOT OSP Registration

  • PF / ESI Registration

  • Import Export Code (IEC)

  • MSME Udyog Aadhar

* Terms and Conditions apply to prices and service

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GST Registration

Register for GST if turnover is going to cross 20 lakhs or on voluntary basis

Flat Rs. 2000/-

Terms and conditions apply

Trademark Registration

Secure your logo and brand by registering your wordmark aslo known as Trademark

Flat Rs. 6500/-

See detailed packages below

MSME Registration Udyog Aadhaar

Get a whole host of benefits once you register for MSME Udyog Aadhaar

Flat Rs. 1500/-

See more details in our blog

Patent Registration

Protect your invention by obtaining a patent registration 

Flat Rs. 25000/-

Terms and conditions apply

Copyright Registration

Protect your source code or design or technology by obtaining a copyright registration 

Flat Rs. 15000/-

See detailed packages below

Startup India Registration

Apply for Startup India Registration and get 3 years tax holiday on profits

Flat Rs. 25000/-

See more details in startup india page

FSSAI Registration

FOOD License

If you planning to be in the food business, then you need a food license or FSSAI license

Starting Rs. 5000/-

Terms and conditions apply

ISO Registration

Give your business a credible certification from reputed International bureau of standards

Starting Rs. 6000/-

See detailed packages below

 Import Export Code (IEC)

Planning to import and export. Then you need an IEC Code

Starting Rs. 3000/-

See more details in startup india page

PF ESI Registration

Comply with labour law by registering for PF ESI or on voluntary basis

Starting Rs. 9900/-

Terms and conditions apply

FCRA Registration

Apply for FCRA prior permission of Full FCRA Registration for your NGO, Trust, Society, Foundation, Association, Club

Starting Rs. 25000/-

Terms and conditions apply

 Income Tax Exemption 80G & 12A

Apply for Income Tax Exemption under section 12A & 80G for your new Foundation or NGO

Starting Rs. 25000/-

See more details in startup india page

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