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Hello Entrepreneurs,

Since Republic Day 2018, lots of changes have been made to the entire company registration process. The entire process of Company Registration in India has changed.

The new company registration process India 2018 is as follows:

  1. Ask your CA to apply for Name Reservation online through RUN (Reserve Unique Name) on MCA website and pay Rs. 1000 government fee
  2. If proposed company name is approved, then you can proceed with the company registration process.  Your CA will send you few documents to sign and then file your SPICe 32, SPICe 33 eMOA, SPICe 34 eAOA with Central Registration Centre (CRC), Registrar of Companies (ROC).
  3. If you get a resubmission query to resubmit another name or modify the earlier name, then you can file one free resubmission of name. If approved, then you can proceed to filing SPICe forms. If name is rejected, then you have to reapply again for name and pay Rs. 1000 again.
  4. Ask your CA to prepare DIR-2 and INC-9 for both Directors. Also No Objection Certificate (NOC) from landlord or owner of property which will be the Registered Office of the company. For list of Documents required for company registration in India, see this link
  5. Your CA prepare SPICe 32, eMOA 33 and eAOA 34 forms, Attach the DIR-2, INC-9, NOC, Latest Utility Bill having office address and Director’s PAN, Address proof and ID proof with SPICe Forms.
  6. Within 3 to 7 days of filing SPICe Forms, Ministry of Corporate Affairs might ask for any query or document.
  7. After all resubmissions or queries, your company will be successfully registered and your Certificate of Incorporation (COI) will arrive in your email inbox.
  8. Ask your CA to email you the soft copies of eMOA and eAOA for opening Current Account.

Always refer Ministry of Corporate Affairs website for more information and changes. All the Best.

If you are looking to register a company, then click here Private Limited Registration

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