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List Popular MFI Microfinance India

There are hundreds of microfinace companies (MFIs) operational across India. Some MFIs are registered with the Reserve Bank of India as NBFC-MFI while others are NGOs, Trusts, Section 8 Companies, Societies, etc. However, there are few MFIs that are well known and do more business than all the others combined. Some of the most popular MFIs India are:

  • Bharat Financial Inclusion (SKS)
  • Janalakshmi
  • Ujjivan
  • Spandana Sphoorty
  • Satin Creditcare
  • Fusion Microfinance
  • Equitas
  • ESAF
  • Bandhan
  • Disha
  • Grameen Koota

There are many other MFIs that do more than 100+ crore business in India. But we have mentioned the large MFIs which are the most reputed NBFC. FinanceBazaar.com offers loans form these MFIs.

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We have made it really very easy to apply to a MFI in India. Whether you need a Business Loan, Working Capital, Overdraft (OD, Cash Credit (CC) Limit, Loan against Property, Unsecured Loan, Equipment Loan, Personal Loan, Corporate Finance or any other loan, you can apply with 1 click to multiple MFI. Just choose the product and MFI you want to apply to and instantly receive a phone call from that MFI on same day. Apply Now.

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