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Every Month approximately 10000 plus companies and partnership firms are registered across India. As on April 2018, there are around 5o lakh companies in India. So, to find a unique company name is not difficult, it is almost impossible. How to search company name online mca website? What do you do in this case? How do you search for the perfect name for your startup and obtain the registration from Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Below we give you a step by step approach to search for company name online:

Step 1 – Think of few unique names. Many entrepreneurs are attached to common names starting with Gods or family members. That will not work. Because as per The Companies (Incorporation) Rules 2014, the name is not supposed to be:

a. too general

b. starting from business activity

c. existing trademark or application to trademark

d. matching other existing registered companies by 50% or more

Thus, it becomes clear that the name needs to be unique. The company name has to be a name which has not been used before and which is free from trademark.

Step 2 – Check your proposed company names Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) database of registered companies to check if your proposed name matches any other existing company name. Your proposed name should be more tahn 50% unique than other similar company names. You can show your proposed name using this link here

“Searching for company name is a difficult process. The name needs to be unique while also meeting Registrar of Companies (ROC) guidelines”

Step 3: Search Trademark for your proposed company name.

There are 45 trademark classes in India. See complete trademark class finder list here

You have to visit IP India website and do trademark search using this link

Enter the class in which you operate your business. Say your proposed business is real estate, property and development, then the relevant class in 36. Do your trademark search for name and if you find no mathcing results, then you can proceed to booking name in MCA website.

Step 4: Apply for company name through Reserve Unique Name (RUN) system in MCA website

Once you have checked your company name in MCA database and checked the trademark, then you can proceed for booking company name in RUN system using this link

You have to pay Rs. 1000/- to Government and apply for name. In 24 to 48 hours, you will receive either approval or query. If you receive query, then you have to repeat this while process again.

If you need help of a CA, then contact us here

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