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    The current status of Private Limited is Active and the CIN (Corporate Identification Number) of Private Limited is U85100DL2018NPL336186, that is a Private, Non-Government, Community, personal & Social Services based company and it is categorized as Company Limited by Shares and sub categorized as Non-Government. The Private Limited was registered on 07-05-18 in Delhi India with ₹ 100000 paid up capital and ₹ 100000 authorized capital. ROC - DELHI is the registrar of company and official address of Private Limited is E - 19 Shyam Nagar New Delhi North East - Delhi. The latest annual return of Private Limited is Not Available and latest financial statement year is Not Available.

    The CIN (Corporate Identification Number) Number of Private Limited is U72200WB2001PTC137886.
    37886 is the Registration Number of Private Limited.
    The company class of Private Limited is Private Private Limited is categorized as Company limited by Shares. Private Limited is sub categorized as Non-govt company.
    Incorporation Date of Private Limited is 19-09-2001.
    Registered business Activity of Private Limited is Business Services.
    Industrial Class of Private Limited is `72200.
    Currently the Private Limited status is Under Process of Striking off.