The current status of J G Spices Ltd is Active and the CIN (Corporate Identification Number) of J G Spices Ltd is U15143ML1995PLC004523, that is a Public, Non-govt company, Manufacturing (Food stuffs) based company and it is categorized as Company limited by Shares and sub categorized as Non-govt company. The J G Spices Ltd was registered on 27-07-1995 in Meghalaya India with ₹ 19944990 paid up capital and ₹ 20000000 authorized capital. RoC-Shillong is the registrar of company and official address of J G Spices Ltd is Plot No 586, Epip Zone Byrnihat, Ri Bhoi Dist. Shillong East Khasi Hills Ml In 793101. The latest annual return of J G Spices Ltd is 31-03-2013 and latest financial statement year is 31-03-2010.

All About J G Spices Ltd

J G Spices Ltd
CIN Number U15143ML1995PLC004523
Company Name J G Spices Ltd
Class Public
Category Company limited by Shares
Sub Category Non-govt company
Registration Date 27-07-1995
Registered State Meghalaya
Authorized Capital 20000000
Paid-up Capital 19944990
Business Profile Manufacturing (Food stuffs)
Registered Address PLOT NO 586, EPIP ZONE BYRNIHAT, RI BHOI DIST. SHILLONG East Khasi Hills ML IN 793101
Registrar Of Companies RoC-Shillong
Last Annual Return 31-03-2013
Last Financial Statement 31-03-2010
Working Status Active

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